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About Us

Coggins Shoes opened on the square in Marietta, GA in 1925. Coggins is owned by David Coppedge and has been in his family since 1955. We moved to Eastlake Shopping Center in 1987. Our store manager is Joy Hambrick, who has been fitting children’s shoes since 1998 and with Coggins since 2003. She is remarkable.

We value your time, your money and the FIT of the shoes you buy. The Internet and Big Box stores, sell shoes. Coggins sells shoes that FIT! A huge and important difference to your child. The overwhelming majority of foot problems are shoe related, not heredity. There are 26 bones in each foot. Don’t damage them by buying the wrong size.

Shopping for children’s shoes is EASY here. Our experienced staff measures all feet the moment you walk in. You stroll thought a huge store with 11,000+ pairs and we make sure the shoes FIT. We guarantee the lowest price (Internet Price Matching) and you get the best VALUE for your child. Your child will be more comfortable in shoes from Coggins Shoes.

Drive here once and see for yourself. Your child’s feet deserve it. Just off I-75 in Marietta

What makes us stand out from the rest?

Our highly trained staff measures feet and then verifies a proper fit.

  • Internet Price Matching.
  • A public sales floor computer for checking prices.
  • The open format store offers you as much or as little service as you wish.
  • Permanent sale area with 5,000+ pairs of discounted shoes every day.
  • Many of our styles are closeouts, helping keep prices low.
  • Some of our selection are from large retailers. We buy at the end of a season at a great price and hold them until the following season.
  • Coggins adds VALUE to shoes. Save TIME, save MONEY and get a good FIT.